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  • ReportElement in saved jrxml doesn't use platform line breaks

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    The reportElement of staticText in the saved JRXML writes a LF character between the x, y, width, height attributes instead of using the operating system line break i.e. CR/LF on Windows Similar issues with saved queryString. However something like the main jasperReport tag correctly writes out CR/LF.


    This is inconsitent and can cause issues when the JRXML file is read in by other applications.


    Load up the attached file in Windows Notepad and look at the "square boxes" that appear in the elements described. Although I guess that depends if the file I've uploaded has remained in a binary format and no cr/lf conversion has taken place.


    Attachments: -OrdersKPI.jrxml

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    Which iReport version are you using? Your JRXML seems to be generated by iReport 3.0 or older, in which case it's not JR who writes the JRXML (iReport started using JR to generate the JRXML since the NB migration).


    So if you're using iR 3.0, could you try a newer version (open the JRXML and save it) and see whether the generated JRXML has the same problems?




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    Looking at new reports I've created the same problem doesn't exist so I guess that report was created in an older version. Doesn't seem to be a problem any more so happy to close the issue
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