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  • DOCX Exporter (Jasper Reports 3.5.3) creates invalid documents

    Assigned User teodord
    CategoryBug report

    I have just downloaded and started to use Jasper Reports 3.5.3. Our main motivation for upgrading (besides bug fixes) are in order to use the new DOCX exporter.


    However, it seems that the documents produced cannot be opened by Word 2007. It appears that the document is missing a semicolon somewhere.


    I have attached the .docx report, the .jasper source I used to generate it and a screenshot of the error in Word.


    Attachments: docx-3-5-3-error.zip

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    A fix has been committed for this on SVN. The trouble was with the hyperlink which was not XML encoded. Note that DOCX is actually a ZIP made of XML files.


    Please test the SVN head version and let us know how it works.


    I also saw there is an extra page in the DOCX generated for your report. That is another issue and if you want to have it fixed, please log a different tracker for it.


    Thank you,



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