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  • After inserting long text in table - empty page generates

    Assigned User teodord
    CategoryBug report
    Component: 9106
    ResolutionWorks as Designed

    After inserting long text in table - empty page generates.

    Jrxml and output PDF are attached.


    Please take a look.

    Attachments: test.pdf

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    Hi,The table component tries to avoid its rows being split across different pages, because a page breaks brings complications with regards to how borders should be redrawn and things like that. For simplicity, each table row acts like a subreport band with splitType="Prevent".This is why the engine tries to start a new page before attempting to break your large table row. Also, the engine does not know (or rather does not try to check) if there is some other content on the page or the current page is already empty/new.Currently, there is no way to configure the table so that it allows its rows to break as soon as they need to. This is again intentional, because most of the time tables have short rows and do not need to break and we wanted tables to be easy to use, with few configurations to make.The solution in your case is to give up using a table and simulate the table with a subreport. In the subreport template, you have fine-grained control about how your rows should behave in case they need to split across two pages.I hope this helps.Teodor
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