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  • Exported PDF Output using Futura font misses text

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    In the generated PDF Output, text ist missing when using custom fonts.


    How to reproduce (Jasper 5.6.2 workspace with report for reproducing the problem attached):

    - Use the font "Futura"

    - Create a report where a textfield gets completly filled with text during report creation. (99.9% of available width)

    => In the JasperStudio report preview, the complete text is rendered.

    => In the PDF Output, the last word of the first line is missing completely.



    It looks like AWT/IText are handling the font informations differently. In the provided example AWT measures that the line 'dustrie und von Versorgungsunternehmen nach' does fit on one line. During rendering of the PDF, the given words do not fit on the intended line.


    Note to attached workspace:

    The used font 'FuturaStd-Book.ttf' is included in the example and added in the Jasper studio (using the preferences view)

    The workspace was located in C:\ ,if another location is used for the test, the font definition is lost and has to be set again.

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    I see that your report templates refer to the font as "Future", while in the font extension configuration file, you gave it the name "futura".

    These are case sensitive. Normally, you would have received an exception about the font missing. But maybe in your environment, there is indeed such a font installed and available for the JVM, or maybe you have turned off this font check using "net.sf.jasperreports.awt.ignore.missing.font" config property.


    Please double check the font name is correct.





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    Hi,Feel free to reopen in case you can provide more information about this problem.Thanks,Teodor
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