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  • Strech with overflow not working

    Assigned User teodord
    CategoryBug report
    ResolutionUnable to Reproduce

    I have a report where the text field is not streching depending on the

    data. I have attached my report that I modified to reduce the report to a

    basic case.

    You will see the value "Carow Wennam - IRA #2(t) - Schwab ##2###9T#" is

    showing as "Carow Wennam - IRA #2(t) - Schwab"



    Attachments: FontsReport.jrxml

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    I have further simplified your sample and used a single text element with the hardcoded value inside.

    I have then tested it with a fresh copy of the iReport 3.0.0 (classic) on a WinXP machine.

    I was not able to reproduce this problem.


    What Java version did you use?

    Can you confirm that my simplified sample attached here still does not work in your environment?


    Thank you,



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