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  • Print When Expression for table bands

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    The main report bands allow us to dynamically hide bands (detail rows) based on a run-time expression. It would be very helpful for the table component to offer this functionality as well.



    I have a dataset that gives me a sorted list of n rows, with a name and value column. The value column is already sorted in descending order. I want to create a table to show the top 5 values. Currently, I am not aware of a method to dynamically hide any rows after the 5th using the table component, or to roll up all the rows from 6...n into a 'Other' group (the pie chart does allow me to do exactly that).


    I can work around this by creating a second dataset that returns only the top 5 rows, but would like the database overhead to be minimal. A Print When Expression on the detail band of the table would allow me to do that. I hope this idea can be considered.

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    Hi,This is implemented on this Git master branch and will be part of the next release.Table sections now have a printWhenExpression property/Thanks,Teodor
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