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  • Jasper throws Java Heap Error

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    Hi all,


    Recently I had some troubles heap error with Jasper Library in a Struts2 project.


    In the first moment I think that is a issue with generation way and report size, but in some cases I checked the issue with one page report.


    Somehow when the option "Stretch with Overflow" is set in a data field nearest the bottom of detail´s band and when all band´s size fill the page size causes the issue.


    Steps to reproduce:

    - Create a Jasper report in iReport;

    - Set all the bands height to fill the max paper size;

    - Create a text data field;

    - Move the data field to nearest as you can to detail band´s bottom;

    - Set the option "Stretch With Overflow" to this field (Like print screen attached);

    - Set the Data linked to field to contains more characters that preset size (To force Overflow);

    - Run preview and wait for Java Heap allocation Error;



    Thanks in advance


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