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  • Local characters are not show in PDF but XLS

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    There are local some charaters that are not show when exporting pdf but visible in xls export

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    Hi Massimo,


    Setting the pdf encoding global property in java side:


    JRProperties.setProperty("net.sf.jasperreports.default.pdf.encoding", "Cp1250");


    gave me a workaround for these PDF exporting bug. Unfortunately it may do NOT work for other locales, but hope it helps others, too.






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    Changed Status from Assigned to Feedback Requested

    Hi,In order to render special characters of a certain language, you need to use a font that contains the glyphs for those characters you want.You are not specifying any font in your report template, which means you are relying on default fonts, and these fonts usually work with English and a few other western languages.You need to use a font that supports your language. You need to make sure the font is available on the machine that runs the reports and also you probably want the font to be embedded in the PDF, because you can't be sure that the client machine viewing that PDF would have the font and be able to display the characters correctly.All this boils down to using font extension with JR Library. We ship a default font extension wrapping the DejaVu fonts in the jasperreports-fonts-x.x.x.jar that is available for download with every release. But Jaspersoft Studio also has a wizard for creating font extensions and you should try that as well.Thanks,Teodor
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    Hi Teodor,


    Thanks for the answer. Could you also explain how the property changing belongs to the font file, please. E.g. does the command "JRProperties.setProperty("net.sf.jasperreports.default.pdf.encoding", "Cp1250");" will change the font file of the report engine as well? If not, than how the workaround still works?




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