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  • Multitab issue while exporting the excel

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    Hi Jasper Team,


    I am facing the issue with multi-tab excel report. I am able to generate the report using the property "net.sf.jasperreports.export.xls.break.before.row" before the subreport but after exporting the report , the alignment of the column overlap each other for both report. My requirement to make the report columnwise Like Column A has some dedicated field value and same Column B has some dedicated field . Main report comes perfectly without applying the Before Row property and subreport. But after applying the Page break and subreport to generate the multi-tab then column alignment of the both overlapped each other. Attaching the sample.


    I have Designed like that.

    Main Report

    xls Before break row __________



    Attaching the sample. Main Report Tab and Sub Report Tab. In the Main Report Fund Name should come in the Column B only but it is coming in both Column B and C due to Sub report/ other report - SUB REPORT. Same in other tab/Sub Report Tab , Alladin Ticker coming under the both column A, coulmn B but it should have come under the column A only.


    We want the alignment of the column for both column should not disturb while exporting the multi-tab excel report.


    I request you ,please look into it . so that it should generate the multitab report without any improper alignment of the column.


    For now, got the alternative solution. Generate the all report separately and using Jasper Java api create the collection of the jasperreport in the List and fill the data for each report and then export as xls to generate the multitab report.


    Major drawback for this approach for each tab have to hit the Database to generate the report. Here ,i am using the same Store procedure to generate multiple tab report. Say i have 6 tab , so i need to fill the data using the Store procedure 6 times . if we use subreport and break then we can hit the Databae only 1 time.


    Hope that clear the issue, please let me know if not clear.







    Attachments: coulmn_wise_issue.xlsx

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