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  • Empty page before large crosstab

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    I have a Report with subreports. In one of the subreports is a group around a subreport with the property "Keep together" switched on. In this subreport is in the summary band a crosstab.

    If there is not enough space for the columns of the crosstab on one page, then JR put an empty page before the Group and then breaks the crosstab. If the property is switched of, then it works fine.

    I think there should not be an empty page before the group when the property is switched on.

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    Hi,It would be good to see some JRXML files and some resulting PDFs to be able to figure out what the problem is.The short paragraph in which you described the problem clearly indicates that the report design is quite complex and would probably be hard to reproduce the problem on our side, using only this information.We have recently committed several bug fixes and improvements related to the "Keep Together" feature of groups and hopefully they would cover your case too.The changes are on the master branch of our Git repository and will be part of the next release.Thank you,Teodor
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    Hi,Feel free to reopen this if you still experience the problem and can provide more details about it.Thank you,Teodor
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