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  • Overflow and stretch does not work at all

    Assigned User teodord
    CategoryBug report
    Component: 9019
    If you define a crosstab with a row title that might be quite long, there is no way to stretch the row height if the text would overflow (wrap to a second line). I have tried stretch relative to tallest object and print when overflow, but all I am getting is a black table. What is more, when the row title overflows, the complete row takes the space it would normally, but is rendered completely white. This leaves only one work around - you have to allocate the maximum space that would be needed for each row, which results in lots of wasted paper and a poor layout.

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    Hi,I assume "row title" refers to the row group header cell content. Do you have an example JRXML and maybe its PDF output that would demonstrate the problem?Feel free to reopen this if you still experience the problem and can provide more details about it.Thank you,Teodor
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