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  • PDF TTF font becames bold when a chart is present

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    In a webapp, we generate some PDF reports using JasperReports (thanks folks!) ; we have some business-mandatory TTF font bundled in the webapp, and charts.


    Issue: our texts become bold, and we don't want to (and we did'nt asked to).


    After analysis, we found that our text becomes bold when, and only when, a chart is present in the same page and the report is exported into PDF.


    We made from scratch a simple example with i-Report (see attachment): a text field and a simple chart. Using it, the chart has to be deleted and re-inserted for test.


    You can open it with i-Report and see that :

    * Without chart: View with JRViewer => no bold OK

    * Without chart: View as PDF => no bold OK (see attachment)

    * With chart: View with JRViewer => no bold OK

    * With chart: View as PDF => bold KO (see attachment)


    Note: the problem is only when using a local TTF file: if we select the PDF font in i-Report with a combo it's OK, the problem occurs when we use our ttf name. In our JRXML example, I suppose the ttf is not found by i-Report, but it looks like independant of the problem.


    Tested whith JR 3.0.1 and 3.1.0 with classical maven dependencies, on Windows XP with sun JDK 5.0. PDF (several versions tested) viewed with acrobat reader and pro, several version tested.


    (note: there is a bug in your subsription form, when choosing "France [métropolitaine]" in the country combo and then submiting)




    Attachments: without_chart.pdf

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