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  • RelativeToTallestObject not realtive

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    I have many textfiel on the same line in my report...

    Each of them with the property "RelativeToTallestObject"

    The problem is if one of my textfiel is on many pages, the borders of the others textfiels only appears on the first page...


    Solution for that borders are relatives to the biggest object ?




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    We do not consider this a bug and we'll close it. Actually the text fields do stretch as indicated. But what you perceive as a problem is that when a page break occurs, only the long text fields reappear on the following page. The other would appear too, if you would set isPrintWhenDetailOverflows=true, but you probably don't want that as "aaa" would appear again.


    The only solution right now is to put a rectangle behind each text field, having the same kind of background and border as the text field.

    This rectangle should have isPrintWhenDetailOverflows=true.


    Normally, the rectangle will not appear as the text fields is on top of it, but in case the band overflows onto a new page and some of the text fields do not get rendered again, the rectangles will appear in their place, making the border appear intact.


    In the near future we are going to solve this by implementing true table components in JasperReports.

    Another solution would be to prevent the band from splitting using isSpintAllowed=false.


    I hope this helps.



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