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  • MS word features using jasperreports library (Paragraph, Header and footer like MS word)

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    I am trying to generate the word (docx) document with header and footer like how we generate the document in MS word.

    and also, after generating the word document using Jasperreports library, I am not able to edit the text due to box kind of structure.


    Issues :


    1 . Not able to generate Header and footer like MS word

    2 . Not able to edit text or enter into next line is not working due to box kind of elements

    3 . Not able to set the font with decimals. ex : 10.5


    Using Aspose.Words (AWDocExporter) thirdparty library, able to create Header and fooer like MS word.


    Is Jasperreports support all the word features like numbering and bullets, paragraph, header and footer like MS word.


    Could you please let us know, is this features available in feature in JasperReports Library.

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    Hi ,


    To Achive this edit feature you need to set the below properties either in Java or jrxml design



    JRDocxExporterParameter.FLEXIBLE_ROW_HEIGHT to true





    then you can able to edit the generated output.

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