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    Hi guys,


    I have looked at what changed in new html exporter, it exports overlapping components too.

    The html output honestly became much more complicated. And it generates much more layers than needed.


    -Use a subreport, and a frame in subreport. (really basic content)


    It generates two div, one dummy, one with content. (while there is no overlapping actually)


    And the thing with DIVs, outlook uses a messy html rendering engine (WORD)

    It doesnt render DIVs correctly, so any HTML report embedded into email body with new exporter cant be rendered correctly.

    (And also old exporter needs a few changes to do so)


    I know email rendering issue is not your first concern and it is really messy but I think we are not the only people who use JR reports in email.


    If there is an option not to use DIVs in the new exporter, it would be really good.


    And I hope you are not planning to take out giving support for old html exporter (JRHtmlExporter)


    Is it remotely possible to tweak exporters compatible with outlook? :)

    (or another exporter? :))




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    A subreport produces overlapping elements because it internally creates a rectangle element beneath the subreport elements. That's something that we intend to change at some point, but there's are some technical details that make the change a little problematic.


    What we could do is to introduce a parameter/property for the new exporter to inhibit it from exporting overlapping elements. With that property set, its output would be more or less similar to the one of the old exporter. How does that sounds to you? Are there any other reasons for which you don't want to see the old exporter go?


    Regarding Outlook 2007, it's not indeed a target supported platform for JR's HTML exporter. We could look into it, if the required changes are simple and non intrusive we would consider them.




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    Adding such a property might be useful but I am not sure it would resolve the problem.

    Because it is said that nested divs are kind of problem in outlook.


    But still this property would ensure people to use new exporter if anything goes wrong with the layers.

    I am really not that familiar with html but since there are lost of clients to view html, it would be a good option for new exporter integration if needed.


    For outlook, its a really time consuming work. Probably not that needed changes are hard to do, but finding out whats need to be changed.


    I just got an idea but not sure its a good one. (And I dont know if it is be done with the current exporters)


    Using some different classes to export elements ( ex: setting TableExporter,ImageExporter etc. class)

    So if we want to change something about how to export a specific element, we could override it.

    But it seems so much work for such a problem.




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    Hi guys,I am having the same problem. What I experience is this: Every subreport is captured in a 'main' div that contains every time out of 2 divs, from which the first one is an empty dummy. This empty dummy (code below) is the reason that Outlook (and Gmail as well) will show like 5 line breaks between the subreports. Is there a parameter (or other facility) that can disable this dummy DIV? Thanks in advance!Regards,GertPS: Div code:"
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    Nice! Thank you very much, that's great news!


    Will probably be fixed in next release or is it already downloadable for use on the link to the library you provided?


    Thanks again, have a great day!


    Best regards,



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    Hi,I think nowadays there are no longer issues with displaying HTML reports in Outlook as we moved back to table based output instead of divs and implemented certain options to embed images in the HTML with Base64 encoding.Thank you,Teodor
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