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  • Natively deploy JasperReports as OSGi bundle

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    Some minor modifications to the Manifest would allow JasperReports to be deployed as an OSGi bundle.

    With the increasing popularity of OSGi, especially in the context of Eclipse, that would make it easier for developers using the OSGi platform to integrate JasperReports into their application.

    Attached is a sample manifest where only the Bundle-Classpath would have to be updated (replaced by "." probably).

    Attachments: MANIFEST.MF

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    I have enhanced the manifest file information to include OSGi bundle information. You can take the latest from SVN and let us know if it works for you.


    Thank you,



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    I deployed jasperreports-6.5.1 in liferay 7 (OSGI based) and getting error [DefaultExtensionsRegistry:209] Error instantiating extensions registry for header.toolbar.parameter.contributor from bundleresource://1062.fwk1344835423/jasperreports_extension.propertiesCan you please help me out in resolving the problem
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