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  • Decimal number aligned at the decimal sepator

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    I have amounts in my report but the number of decimals is not always the same (to avoid having too many "0").


    It would be nice to be able to align a decimal number at the decimal separator.


    I don't find this property. So, excuse-me if it already exists.

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    This setting does not exist and I\'m not aware of other tools that offers this kind of aligning for text fields.

    It would be hard to implement as alignment very much depends on font metrics.

    Unless you are using a fixed size font, padding with white space characters would not work.


    The workaround we suggest, is to use two adjacent text fields, one for the integer part and the other for the decimals. The first is right aligned, while the second is left aligned.


    Since it is highly unlikely we are going to introduce a new type of aligning for text fields, I\'m closing this now.


    Thank you,



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