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  • Crosstab columns auto-resizing to fill entire crosstab area width

    Assigned User teodord
    CategoryFeature request

    It would be nice if it was possible to force all crosstab columns, regardless of how many columns are added, to automatically resize to use up the entire width allocated to the crosstab as a whole.


    see attached image.


    ps. I've never submitted a feature request before. I don't know what status/priority to assign. It's a high priority to me, but I don't know how you guys decide priorities.

    Attachments: crosstab_v2.pdf

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    But what if there are more columns in the crosstab than we can fit into the specified crosstab width?

    Do you want the crosstab columns to go beyond the limit and not break?


    Thank you,



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    Claiton Grings wrote:

    > Hi Teodor,


    > I read your comment on the artf2241 feature request, and I would like

    > to suggest you a solution ...


    > I attached a pdf file with my proposal in a detailed form, so you can

    > understand better what I\'m trying to explain.



    > I hope this can help...


    > Cheers,


    > Claiton

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