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    The protected inner class ReportFiller from AsynchronousFillHandle lacks a callback method in the finally clause which should help disposing with resources used by the filling process. As this runs in a separate thread, there seems to be no safe way to close for example the java.sql.Connection object (which should always be closed / returned to connection pools in the finally clause).

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    An asynchronous fill (almost) always ends in one of the finish, cancel or error callbacks. Hence, if you close the connection on each callback, you would be (almost) completely covered.


    The only exception to this is the case when the fill process throws java.lang.Error. Howevern, many such cases are so serious that you wouldn\'t be able to recover (and close the connection).


    A finalize callback would indeed make things a little simpler. We\'ll investigate how to implement it without breaking backward compatibility.




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