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  • Support for additional (paragraph) styles (style tags)

    Assigned User teodord
    CategoryFeature request

    Swing supports various document styling capabilities (within text fields). It would be nice if the styled document fields within this program could be more accurately represented in JasperReport reports.


    Most of the Swing character styling is currently available (e.g., fonts, font sizes and colors, bold, italic, underline, etc.; only component and icon attribute are missing and component doesn't make much since for reports).


    However, none of the Swing paragraph styling functionality is currently supported, i.e.,

    - paragraph alignment (center, justified, left, right)

    - paragraph spacing (first, left and right indent; space above and below; line spacing)

    - tab settings (left, right, decimal)


    Support for these paragraph styling would also be useful.

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    Oops! Forgive misspellings, etc. (not paying attention today):


    1st paragraph: "with programs" for "within this program"

    2nd paragraph: "sense" for "since"

    4th paragraph: "stylings" for "styling"

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    We have added new possible values for line spacing such as: AtLeast, Exact and Proportional, along with firstLineIndent, leftIndent, rightIndent, spacingBefore and spacingAfter, in the newly introduced tag available for text elements and report style definitions.

    The paragraph styling also includes support for tabs stops.


    Check the new /demo/samples/paragraphs sample in JR 4.0.2. Note that paragraph styling is not yet supported in styled text, but this is scheduled for an upcoming release.


    Thank you,


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