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    Currently there is very little control over how charts get rendered. Specifically:


    * Control min/max axis

    * Control font of charts and legends

    * Feeding Null values to graph often results in NPE (for example on xy graph, if any one is null nothing should be rendered rather then aborting the whole report with NPE)


    It would be great for example if one could ask for a graph with Y axis from 600 to 700 since most values fall i 650 range. Currently the graph defaults to 0 to 700 which makes the fine variations invisible at that scaling.


    There is support for customizer class but most report writers don't know how to create one. Furthermore there is no way to pass any parameters to the customizer class.

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    Have you tried to extend the JRAbstractChartCustomizer?

    There you have access to report parameters, variables and fields.


    I hope this helps.



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    Yes I know about JRAbstractChartCustomizer, but that is a one-off solution which requires me to write code. Most reports are done in iReport by people who know Excel but not programing. Therefore I think it would be beneficial to the whole iReport/JasperReport community if you could support this out of the box.
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    These features have been implemented:

    - there are properties to control the min/max range for numeric and datetime axis;

    - fonts and various other style properties can be controlled using chart themes. There are XML-based chart themes that can be visually designed with iR 3.5.0;

    - you can filter our null values or other unwanted values using filter expression in chart dataset.


    Feel free to reopen this tracker if you have feedback on it. But I suggest you create other trackers, one for each specific features. It is better to track every issue in its one thread than deal with multiple issues as once.


    Thank you,



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