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    [ 669961 ] New Page Before / New Page After


    Submitted By: Chuck Deal - cdealAccepting Donations

    Date Submitted: 2003-01-17 12:48

    Last Updated By: jasperkannan - Comment added

    Date Last Updated: 2006-06-21 08:46

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    New Page Before / New Page After


    Each section should have two new attributes.


    isNewPageBefore (true | false)

    isNewPageAfter (true | false)


    The attributes for the title section and summary section should be removed from the main report definition and relocated to the section itself.


    Also, investigate whether this should happen at the band level (in the case that multiple bands gets implemented).




    Date: 2006-06-21 08:46

    Sender: jasperkannan

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    The worst part is dummy groups wont work if u have subreport in a page and the Datasource in that page returns nothing. in my case , i have a master report which calls a database proc which sets the values in a temp table and 4 subreports

    called from the master report which pulls data. So i am unable to use group StartOnNewPage=true ,since the group values never changes !!!!........


    Date: 2005-07-21 23:23

    Sender: c-box

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    How do you imagine such a "PageBreakElement" ? Is it just an invisible element that can be placed anywhere like for example a line in the designer and where the page breaks

    after the engine find such a PageBreakElement?


    Or do you imagine having a special string (for example "#[PageBreak]#") within a textfield where the engine breaks when the Text is evaluated? (would also be nice, so the user can control output without changing the design -> what now is done via many linebreaks)


    As I discussed some months ago with Chuck already a "PageBreakWhenExpression" at nearly every Band (except Title, pageHeader/pageFooter etc.) would be very flexible for most people.


    So I could imagine something like this:


    PageBreakWhenExpression = new



    so when the field BreakFieldFromDataBase is true then the engine starts drawing the current band not on current page but directly on next one.


    If somebody doesn't want to have an expression dependet pagebreak but one by design overall there should be perhaps also an easy boolean attribute "StartBandAtNewPage"

    ...(could produce very strange output, if the band has just one line... but for people who have many elements at one band that worked with dummygroups now, it should be easier then - without dummygroups)


    So DummyGroups wouldn't be necessary anymore and would be used to group data as wanted by origin. just my thoughts...


    BTW: Teodor -> Congratulation for ProjectOfTheMonth - and thanks for the T-Shirt! :-)


    Date: 2005-07-21 13:24

    Sender: teodordProject Admin

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    I think there is now a debate about this:

    we could either have multiple bands per section and each band could start a new page based on condition as you said or we could have a "page break" element that we could place anywhere. Or we could have both... it might be confusing though...




    Thank you for your feedback,



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