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  • Need a print element descriptor in jasperprint

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    [ 1325615 ] Need a print element descriptor in jasperprint


    Submitted By: Fatih Sokmen - fatihmen

    Date Submitted: 2005-10-13 03:08

    Last Updated By: lucianc - Comment added

    Date Last Updated: 2005-10-13 04:08

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    Need a print element descriptor in jasperprint


    We wrote a text exporter to export only text and static field to a formatted form. When jasperprint object is filled with the datasource, anymore we dont know which

    field matches in the design template. So we had to change source a bit to add

    setKey(key) getKey() methods to PrintElement. When jasperreports calls JRFillTextField.fill() or JRFillStaticText.fill() we fset the key values to serialize.


    Especially in detail band, the same print element is filled and added to print page,but we can not determine if these elements is the same in design template.


    So, we are using "desing key value" in the "run-time" to identify print elements. But in every release we should change the mentioned changes.


    I wonder if you colud add such a support in jasperreports.




    Date: 2005-10-13 04:08

    Sender: lucianc

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    I hope you'll agree that this is an enhancement request.


    We'll analyze your proposal and integrate it in the library if found fit.


    Thank you,



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