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  • New Event in Scriptlet Framework - afterDetailFetch

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    [ 1476976 ] New Event in Scriptlet Framework - afterDetailFetch


    Submitted By: Shireesh Anjal - anjalshireesh

    Date Submitted: 2006-04-26 07:29

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    Date Last Updated: 2006-04-26 07:53

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    New Event in Scriptlet Framework - afterDetailFetch




    We are planning to use iReport and JasperReports for report generation. While evaluating the features of these products vis-à-vis the reporting requirements,

    we have come across a generic business requirement which requires some changes in JasperReports.


    The requirement is for a scenario wherein the data source may be supplying data from delimited flat files (CSV, pipe separated, etc) or from message queues e.g. MSMQ.


    The requirement is for the report engine to be able to skip certain records from the data file based on a boolean condition (expression involving fields, parameters and variables) during report generation. (This skipping can not be done in the data source.)


    Based on discussions in different forums and searching in forum archives we have come to know that this is a generic requirement that will add value to JasperReports as well.


    After analyzing different approaches for achieving this, we have come to a conclusion that this requires an enhancement in the scriptlet framework– a new generic event afterDetailFetch in the scriptlet and exposing the JRCalculator object in scriptlet.


    We request you to add this feature to JasperReports.


    Please find attached the document zip file - jasper_feature_request that details the feature request and the business case.


    A zip file - jasper_feature_request.zip - will be attached later, that contains:


    1. skip_record_example – This directory contains example jasper templates and a java program to demonstrate the feature request. 2. jasperreports-1.2.0 – This directory contains the modified JasperReports sources and the jar file jasperreports-1.2.0.jar built with the modified sources.


    (We have tested a few business reports with the modified sources, and it is working fine.)


    Thanks and regards,




    Date: 2006-04-26 07:53

    Sender: anjalshireesh

    Logged In: YES



    uploading the feature request document - jasper_feature_request.pdf


    Date: 2006-04-26 07:51

    Sender: anjalshireesh

    Logged In: YES



    Attaching modified sources and example



    Attached Files:


    jasper_feature_request.pdf, Feature Request Details

    jasper_feature_request.zip, Modified sources and the modified jar file

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    Skipping rows in the data source can be achieved using the filter expression introduced in JasperReports 1.2.5.


    This contribution is very well designed and documented, but we are going to close it without including the code in JasperReports since we have independently developed a feature that serves the same purpose.



    Lucian Chirita

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