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  • Be able to assign ProtectionDomain with dynamic Permissions to loaded code

    Assigned User lucianc
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    In recent versions of JasperReports you added the

    static JRClassLoader.setProtectionDomain() function.

    This would allow users to assign a custom protection domain to loaded report code. However, this forces the user to use this constructor since the instance of the classloader is not available:


    public ProtectionDomain(CodeSource codesource,

    PermissionCollection permissions)


    the resulting protection domain has static permissions.


    I would like to use this constructor:


    public ProtectionDomain(CodeSource codesource,

    PermissionCollection permissions,

    ClassLoader classloader,

    Principal[] principals)


    to use dynamic permissions (see javadoc).


    The attached patch agains Jasper 1.3.3 fixes this.



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    We cannot accept this path as is since the core JR code needs to retain compatibility with Java 1.3.


    However, we have changed JRClassLoader to use a factory which is responsible for producing a ProtectionDomain for each JRClassLoader instance. Therefore you can refactor your code into a ProtectionDomainFactory implementation and instruct JRClassLoader to use it via setProtectionDomainFactory().


    Closing this.




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