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  • formatting removed in compiled jasper report file

    Assigned User teodord
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    I have designed a report in iReport and compiled it.

    I have formatted the report elements. The formattings are borders for the Static texts elements and padding for different elements.


    There's no problem with the output. But recently I lost my jrxml file and open the compiled jasper file. But when I viewed the the report in the iReport, the formatting has been removed. The padding, borders has been removed.


    I have attached the jrxml file to this artifact.

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    There was a problem with the JRXmlWriter that did not preserve the padding, but now it is fixed and will be shipped with JR 2.0.5.


    However, the overall problem with borders described here is an iReport problem, which does not yet support the new way of specifying borders and padding in JRXML.


    As already mentioned, this should be posted on the iReport trackers.


    Thank you,



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