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  • Incorrect export in RTF format, not showing all columns

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    When the report is exported in rtf format, all columns are not visible on the report(attaching the new report for reference), and it seems the users will have to adjust the page settings explicitly in Word, obviously not a good idea.


    Can this be taken care somehow? Please advise.


    Note: The report works fine for other formats(PDF, XLS).



    Attachments: -Report.jrxml

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    You are not using a standard page size for your report.

    The page width it is very wide. Probably exceeding some RTF page size limit.

    Are you sure you want that page to be that big? How do you print it? On what kind of paper?


    Thank you,



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    Thanks Teodor for your response.

    I do want that page to be that wide. The user need not print it. Maybe only for viewing the document.

    Should not be the case of exceeding rtf page size limit as I am able to adjust the page size after exporting. I want this adjustment to be done from my report template by providing the page size or something like that.




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    Please ignore the above comments. I just found out that in Jasper Reports , page width = 72 means the page will be 1 inch wide. My page Width (=1700) was exceeding 22 inches. Reducing the page width solved my problem.



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