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  • RTF images cannot be vertically middle aligned

    Assigned User lucianc
    CategoryBug report

    How to reproduce:

    1. Create a large graphic element and set it to vertically middle aligned

    2. Feed a small image into the element and generate a report in RTF format


    Expected results:

    - The small image is aligned to the middle of the graphic element


    Actual results:

    - The small image is aligned to the bottom of the graphic element


    Other information:

    - When generating a PDF format report, the middle alignment works correctly

    - See attached screenshot, the image is at the bottom of the graphic box


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    Which JasperReports version are you using? Does this happen in the latest version? If so, could you attach a sample report to replicate the issue?




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    Sorry, I\'ve finally found the exact cause of the problem and it was on my side. The Jasper middle alignment does seem to be working properly for RTF.




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