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  • Wrong Bold Font size calculation under WebSphere

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    Bug in extension of the item #1413783, was opened at 2006-01-24 17:52



    Previous fixing is fine for normal text and short Bold text. Thanks.


    But recently, I was extend some headers in our reports and text truncate again when JR running under WebSphere.

    In my case, 3 lines of bold text show ok.

    If text was stretched till 4 lines - 4th line was truncated.


    This issue related to viewer and at least RTFexporter. See attached screenshots.



    Under Tomkat all works fine.

    My configurations doesn't change in comparison with prev issue.


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    I\'m afraid this is the same kind of problem as in the initial bug post you mentioned.

    Is just that this time it is not related to the different text height, but the different text width that we get when rendering the same text on the two different JRE implementations.


    It\'s just that the text is wider when rendered on Sun JRE than the same text rendered on the IBM JRE.

    This causes the different word wrapping to occur and this is why we loose the extra 4th line of text resulted when rendering on the Sun JRE.


    As you can see, if the server is Tomcat, it probably runs on a Sun JVM and the font rendering metrics match the ones on the client side (which you said is most of the time Sun JRE).


    Solving this would require us to keep track of each individual line break position in the generated documents and this would require significant modifications. I\'m not sure if we are going to take this approach any time soon.


    The problem might be even caused by some bug in the IBM JRE which does not handle the bold font setting correctly when doing all the font metrics calculations.


    I think the only workaround is to make sure client machines use the same or at least compatible JRE implementations if you are using the JRViewer to show the reports. Otherwise you should consider delivering reports in other formats such as PDF, for perfect rendering accuracy.


    I hope this helps,



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    Of cource, I\'m understand causes of this bug.

    But, unfortunately, we can\'t substitute IBM JRE on client\'s side.

    Nevertheless, I hope that fixing will be not so far.


    Thanks a lot for your attention.


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    I'm not sure if you still experience this problem.


    But since it appears to be related to fonts, I suggest you try to upgrade to latest JR version and make use of font extensions. These are a new and better way to deal with fonts, which can be packaged in a JAR file and shipped with the application code. They ensure the fonts will be available on the machine where the application is running. Check the sample in the /demo/samples/fonts folder and the font extension found in the /demo/fonts folder of the JR project source tree.


    There is a chance that using font extensions might solve this problem.


    Thank you,



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