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  • Problem with 2 subreports and different data

    Assigned User lucianc
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    I have a problem with multiple subreports. There’s one report which has two subreports (two times the same subreport for simplicity). The problem is that sometimes the second subreport is ignored, and other times it works fine. As I found out the problem is data dependant, so I believe it’s related to page brakes or something like that.

    Between 3-6 data items the report works fine, at 7 or more it never finishes to process

    Main report xpath: /DETALLE_VEHICULOS

    I’m submitting the xml and reports that have the problem, some paths need to be adjusted to make the subreports work. I’m also attaching two pdfs that show exactly what is wrong.

    Please let me know if I can supply any other information to make clear what the problem is.





    Attachments: data.zip

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    Setting stretchType="RelativeToTallestObject" for subreports (or other stretchable report elements) doesn\'t make sense and can result in the report element being pushed out of the band.


    Unset stretchType="RelativeToTallestObject" for your two subreports and they will render properly.




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    Thank you very much Lucian, your advice solved the problem.

    I was also a little surprised by the behavior of the “print when detail overflows†option, but after understanding that sub-reports resize automatically I got it working.


    Thanks again for the quick answer.



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