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  • Problems with JASPER_PRINT_LIST & DISPLAY_PRINT_DIALOG in JRPrintServiceExporter (1.3.0)

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    When printing a Report List using JRPrintServiceExporter, if I also use DISPLAY_PRINT_DIALOG, the Print Dialog is shown before printing EACH report, instead of showing it at the begining and use those settings for every Report in the list.

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    This is not quite a simple issue.

    One cannot force a single printing dialog open when printing multiple documents, because there are situations when one needs specific printing settings for each document in the list.

    If you need settings for all your documents to be the same, there is another way to make it working: you can open a prinDialog in your application, before sending documents to printer. You can collect from this dialog the single PrintRequestAttributeSet you need and set it as PRINT_REQUEST_ATTRIBUTE_SET export parameter. In this case you should not set the DISPLAY_PRINT_DIALOG parameter too.



    sanda zaharia

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    Anything new on this one?


    In any case, I don\'t think this is a bug as we knew from day one that it would work like this and it is not unexpected behavior.

    If you still think we need to change or do something about it, please repost it, but as a feature request.


    Thank you,



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