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  • Hyperlinks do no work in RTF reports

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    Hyperlinks do not seem to work in RTF at all.


    Steps to Reproduce:

    (1) Create *.jrxml file that has a single text field with a hyperlink (e.g., use the attached file).

    (2) Fill and export the report to RTF format.


    Expected Results:

    * The RTF file will contain a single text field with a hyperlink.


    Actual Results:

    * The RTF file will contain a single text field but there is no hyperlink.



    As a customer using Jasper Reports we are repeatedly bitten by this issue. Out of all the issues with the RTF exporter this one is the most severe.


    For example, we use Jasper Reports to create one main report with hundreds of smaller detailed reports. We structure the product so that each detailed report is accessible through a hyperlink in the main report. This way we do not have one long report that is ten thousand pages. When the main report is RTF format, the user has difficulty navigating into more detail because they cannot use hyperlinks and cannot quickly locate the detailed report file.

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    At this moment now, almost all exported objects in a RTF page are encapsulated in textboxes, because of some layout and alignment reasons.

    In these conditions we added support for hyperlinks in the RTF exporter, but their availability is a little bit restricted, due to this in-boxing procedure. The reference and page type hyperlinks are now fully functional. Remote documents can be opened via hyperlink too.

    Local and remote anchor hyperlinks still have some positioning problems, especially if anchor is defined in document after the related calling hyperlink.

    Images accept only global hyperlinks, because images and image maps are exported as binary independent objects, and cannot be refragmented during the export.

    Changes were committed at http://scm.jasperforge.org/svn/repos/jasperreports


    sanda zaharia

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