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  • Incorrect override of getCause in JRException

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    [ 1462594 ] Incorrect override of getCause in JRException


    Submitted By: Gunnar Grim - gugrim

    Date Submitted: 2006-04-01 01:11

    Last Updated By: ionutned - Comment added

    Date Last Updated: 2006-04-17 02:02

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    Incorrect override of getCause in JRException


    I believe the implementation of getCause in JRException is incorrect:


    public Throwable getCause()


    return this.nestedThrowable;



    If a JRException is caught and then has its cause set using initCause, subsequent calls to getCause will still return null. The following implementation should solve this problem:


    public Throwable getCause()


    if (this.nestedThrowable != null)

    return this.nestedThrowable;


    return super.getCause();



    An alternative would of course be to just drop the nestedThrowable and use the JDK support for nested throwables.




    Date: 2006-04-17 02:02

    Sender: ionutned

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    We cannot use JDK support for nested throwables, because methods like getCause() and initCause() were introduced in JDK1.4 and JasperReports is 1.3 compatible.



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    After doring some more reseach on this, it indeed looks like there is no solution for making the JR exception be fully compatible with the JDK1.4 exceptions, as far as the getCause() method is concerned.

    There is no way of calling JDK1.4 implementation of this method, if available.

    The only fix that we made to the exceptions was to detect the version of the JDK and adapt the way the content of the stack trace is printed, to avoid duplication of information there.


    We consider this closed, as the motives for this bug report tell us about a rather unusual way of dealing with exceptions and we are not going to support them because of the above mentioned reasons.


    Thank you,



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