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  • BigDecimal Fields shows wrong data

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    [ 1521064 ] BigDecimal Fields shows wrong data


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    Date Submitted: 2006-07-12 02:27

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    BigDecimal Fields shows wrong data



    I have a problem here, in my report, I have some number data, and I use BigDecimal type. for some data, (not often), in the database, the number is 1.7 while the report shows me 1.6999999. I tried jasperreports0.5.3 and also the lastest one: version 1.2.4, the problem is the same.


    anyone has the same problem and any solution for that?


    I defined the field in jasperreports like this:

    $F{fieldname}==null?new BigDecimal(0):$F{fieldname}

    and I do not use any pattern.


    thank you for any help!





    Date: 2006-07-12 07:52

    Sender: teodordProject Admin

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    I don't think this is related to JasperReports and the problem is with the numbers themselves. You should probably try to put aside JasperReports for a moment and try execute the query yourself with JDBC and see what numbers you get from the database.


    I hope this helps.




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