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  • Rectangle doesn't stretch to next page

    Assigned User teodord
    CategoryBug report
    I have created a reported with an alternating background color for columns (see attachement), using JR 2.0.1 The background color is implemented with a rectangle which should stretch with the band height. The text field has stretchwithoverflow set. As you can see on the second page, the text field is stretched, however the rectangle for the backround is not stretched, causing the alternating background color for the columns to be interrupted.

    Attachments: PoPositionBoQ.jrxml

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    You should set isPrintWithOverflow="true" for your rectangle, so that on the next page it get printed again.

    However, you should probably use the backcolor of the text field and make it mode="Opaque", instead of using additional rectangles.


    I hope this helps.



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    Hi Teodor,

    I am constructing the rectangle in code using a JRDesignRectangle. Unfortunately a JRDesignRectangle doesn\'t have a method setStretchWithOverflow() method like JRDesignTextfield does. Also, setting the background color of the text field is also not really an option, since we use this code also for other situations where eg a column has two textfields below eachother with some spacing.


    kind regards,


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