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  • Opt scriptlet method callBeforeFillGroupFooters(boolean)

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    [ 765405 ] Opt scriptlet method callBeforeFillGroupFooters(boolean)


    Submitted By: Jason Essington - essington

    Date Submitted: 2003-07-03 08:29

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    Date Last Updated: 2003-07-03 08:29

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    Opt scriptlet method callBeforeFillGroupFooters(boolean)


    I have discovered that I need a little more control over when to display group footers than is allowed with simple printWhenExpressions, and scriptlets do not currently have a method that gives the necessary field information. I need to know the field values as they are when calculator.estimatGroupRuptures() is called to know which group footers need to be suppressed.


    Since no scriptlet method is called just after dataSource.next() and before fillGroupFooters(boolean isFillAll), there is currently no way to set my variables based upon all the information available to fillGroupFooters.


    I would like an optional (so as not to break current scriptlets) scriptlet method

    callBeforeFillGroupFooters(boolean isFillAll).


    The patch supplied places a call the the registered scriptlet like so:



    ooters", new Class[] { Boolean.TYPE }).invoke(scriptlet, new

    Object[] { Boolean.valueOf(isFillAll) });


    It ignores any exceptions generated by the reflection, while propagating JRExceptions generated by a successful call to the scriptlet.


    By using reflection to call this optional scriptlet method, compatibility is maintained with current scriptlets while adding some missing functionality in the current scriptlet model.


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