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  • Vulnerabilities in jasperreports-6.19.0

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    Hi Team,


    We are planning to migrate to latest version "jasperreports-6.19.0", but we observed below two vulnerabilities from dependencies:

    1) CVE-2022-24614

    2) CVE-2022-24613

    (Ref. https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/net.sf.jasperreports/jasperreports/6.19.0)


    These vulnerabilities are because of "metadata-extractor-2.16.0", same vulnerabilities are fixed under "metadata-extractor-2.17.0".

    (Ref. https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/com.drewnoakes/metadata-extractor)


    Do we have any plan at jaspersoft to use "metadata-extractor-2.17.0" instead of "2.16.0" to fix this vulnerabilities? Please provide us the CVSS score & severity of these vulnerabilities from JasperReport's points of view.


    Thanks, we are eagerly waiting for your response.



    Tushar Patil



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    Hi,Metadata extractor has been upgraded in the master branch and will be part of the next release soon.Note that this is an optional dependency and is needed only if you want to benefit from autoration of pictures taken with mobile devices that have EXIF orientation information in them.Thank you,Teodor
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    Hi,How can I deactivate this dependency, in order to don't make the image rotate based on the EXIF orientation.
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