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  • Problem with the CutText text adjust

    Assigned User teodord
    CategoryBug report
    Component: 9853
    ResolutionWorks as Designed

    When the text field has the text adjust set to CutText and the font height of the field (the height of the field style) is bigger than the field height, the content of the field is not printed at all. For the remaining text adjust styles the print is OK.


    I am using the Now evaluation time and the ElementGroupBottom stretch type, but the issue remains if I use different stretch types.


    The only solution I found is to always update the heights of all components including bands. The problem with this solution is that it can be done on the design only and because of the the compilation is needed.


    I am using the jasperreports-6.17.0 library.


    If needed I can provide more details or add screenshots.

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    Hi,It always helps to provide more details and screenshots without being asked for them.From what I understand, you explained exactly how text adjust CutText is supposed to behave. Text that does not fit into the design size of the element would not appear. If you want your element to adapt to the size of the text at runtime, then you need textAdjust=StretchHeight.If I did not get what you are asking, you need to explain it again and show it to us using every material you can provide.Thank you,Teodor
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    Hi,Feel free to reopen this if you still think is a problem and you can provide more details about it.Thank you,Teodor
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