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  • Filtering on report does not work for groups when there are sort fields defined

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    I have attached a test report made on a CSV data adapter.


    Steps to reproduce:

    1. define a group in the report

    2. drag some fields to be printed in the group (tried both with header or footer)

    3. define a sort field in the report

    4. define a filterExpression which should result in no data being printed (in my case, I filtered for the field $F{name} when it's equal to a string that is not found in the csv file - $F{name}.equals("no_existing_name"))

    5. set when no data - All sections no detail


    Expected output should be an enpty page, which does not contain any record, since there's no record where the field $F{name} has the value "no_existing_name".

    But the output provides one record.


    I believe it has a similar behavior for queries.


    Attachments: test_report.jrxml

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