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  • Less than symbol in Table of content

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    I have an XML file with 'the less than' symbol as '<'.

    The Symbol is interpreted well in the report (text field) and is shown correctly as '<', but the table of content can not interpret it correct and the xml structure breaks. This leads to show the text in the table of content as ""

    I can not understand, why jasper can not show the symbol correctly in TOC, when it can do it somewhere else.

    Attachments: test.pdf

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    Hi,It is not obvious what this TOC is. You should attach the JRXML files involved in this report and maybe a PDF created with them, showing the problem.Thanks,Teodor
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    Hi Teodor,

    thanks for the answer. I added a test project in which you may see my problem. In the PDF as you see, the second page shows the from xml deliverd value (<) corectly. But in the TOC it breaks the xml structure.


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