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  • Jprint file gets convert to a large file prior to printing

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    We have JDA 2017 installed for our warehouse management system. Jasper reports has been integrated with it as a reporting tool for JDA.


    In JDA using ireports we have created a custom report for printing packing slip. The jprint file that gets generated is 14 KB in size. Once generated, JDA systems takes 30 seconds to drop this to a print queue in 30 seconds it creates/converts it not sure what the print file size now is a 6 MB file that gets dropped to print queue . The packing slip is printed successfully.


    The problem is we have lost 30 seconds on some processing that we do not want to happen with the generation of a 6 MB file.


    Has anyone worked with JDA that used Jasper reports? What exactly is occurring after the jprint file is generated and what can be done to have the jprint file drop to the print queue versus of a 6 MB file that get generated.


    Any help will be greatly appreciated.





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