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  • TextElement textAlignment is not working with higher versions correctly

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    Hello Jasper community,


    today I wanted to update my old Jasper version (6.0.0) to the current 6.7.0. So I started to compile my report.jrxml file and I saw that the textAlignment was not working properly. I was comparing a bit and found out that the problem is the compilation version. The same file compiled with 6.0.0 is working, compiled with the current version it´s not.


    Here is code snippet:



    I have added a picture of this behaviour. Are there any solutions?

    Thank you in advance!


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    Which JasperReports version are you using to run the reports? If you're compiling the reports with 6.7.0, you should run them with the same version (or a newer one).




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    I was using jasperreports-6.7.0.jar in my client code. Or is it possible that there are other dependencies, e.g. itext, which is maybe responsible for textAlignment?


    Thank you for your help!





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    No, itext version doesn't matter.


    To double check the version, you could run a report with a text field with isStretchWithOverflow="true" and getClass().getResource("/default.jasperreports.properties") as text field expression. You should see jasperreports-x.y.z.jar somewhere in the text output.

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    Hey Lucian,

    I´m sorry for the circumstances! You are absolutely right. I changed the lib from the project but the project was including other projects with the 6.0.0 library and it was started before my changed project. Thank you for your research!



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    I'm using Jasper Studio 6.12.2 and all libraries are 6.12.2 as you can see in the image attached.

    However, in the preview I can't align the texts, in this case at left.

    What can be wrong?


    This happens with fields that are being retrieved from a field in the database and the datatype is text.

    If the datatype is somehow numeric (integer, double, float), it align.

    If the datatype is date and a pattern is defined, it align.


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