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  • Hyperlink not working for (jfree) chart rendered using SVG exported to HTML

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    The issue occurs when exporting to HTML


    When a jfree chart has a hyperlink on the series and the Render Type is 'default', 'draw', or 'image', hyperlinks work as expected.


    When we change the Render Type to SVG, the hyperlinks appear in the 'area' tag, but the image appears to be missing the 'usemap' attribute.


    When previewing an SVG rendered chart in JSS using HTML, the hyperlinks are not working.


    When previewing the same SVG rendered chart in the JSS java viewer, the hyperlinks are functional.

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    I am adding an example in hopes that this will be reviewed and fixed.


    Additional detail - we use the property "net.sf.jasperreports.export.html.embed.image" set to "true". This may be the key as to what is happening. If we leave this out, and use the HTML view in JSS, the hyperlinks are still available. We need the images embedded for our viewer to display them.


    The sample has the same chart side by side. The left side is using the default renderer, while the right side is set to 'svg'.

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    Still hoping that this issue receives some attention.


    I am adding another example of a jfreechart (line) using Render Type SVG.


    When viewed in JSS using the java viewer each data point on the chart has a tool tip to display the amount represented by the point when the mouse hovers over said point. However, when using the html viewer, the tool tips are not appearing and the mouse pointer does not show any indication that the point has hyperlink data associated with it.


    To replicate this, open the attached file named '_kpi_01_StaticData.jrxml' in JSS and use the preview option to view. There is a static dataset included in the report. Using Render Type 'Image' works as expected, but the results do not scale well.


    We are now operating with library and JSS v6.12.2.


    Thank you,


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