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  • break element not working correctly

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    We conditionally needs page breaks that are put into group-headers.


    Neither in 6.4.1 nor in 6.5.1 does this work 100% correctly with different symptoms.


    With 6.5.1. there are empty pages between the page breaks. With 6.4.1 there are sometimes uncorrect renderered pages.


    In our example there should by a page break before "Titel 1", "Titel 2" and "Klasse 3".


    6.5.1. renders correct but insert empty pages, 6.4.1 did not produce the empty pages but renders "Klasse 3" incorrectly.


    Thank you




    Attachments: 6.5.1.pdf

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    Hi,I think that the extra blank pages in 6.5.1 are cause by some unfortunate combination of page break elements and the "keep together" flag of the groups.I cannot run the report as I don't have the data, but it would be good if you could point to me which blank pages should not be there and I think I can explain why are there.We might need to rethink this combination of page break elements and keep together in this report template to avoid double breaking like that.Thanks,Teodor
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