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    I have a report with a sub report that has a problem with text fields cuting content passed into it as a field. It is sent to the report a set of data to be rendered. It's attached to the issue a test class, its dependecies, a html used to provide content to the test class, the jrxml files and a result for this test class.

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    Hi,There is no report template in the zip you attached. Just Java source files and some PDF+HTML.We need to see the master and the subreport JRXMLs in order to identify the problem.Thanks,Teodor
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    Hi,You did not say in which export format is your text cut. Is it cut when exporting to PDF or HTML? What exactly is the text that should appear and what portion is cut.Please make it easier for us to understand what your problem is. It is very hard to take you files and make them work and we don't have that much time to spend on a case.Just by looking at your report templates, I see you are using "Times New Roman" font. This font only exists by default on Windows machines. Are you sure this font is available to the JVM on the machine where the report is actually executed? For example, if you run the report on a Linux/Unix machine, this font is not available and is replaced by some other default font with unknown font metrics. You need to make use of JasperReports font extensions to make sure the fonts you are using exist on the machine that runs your reports in production.https://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/why-my-text-not-displayed-correctly-pdfFeel free to reopen this if you still have the problem and can provide more details about it.Thanks,Teodor
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