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  • jrxml from different subdirs of src dir should compile to equivalent subdirs of target dir

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    Ireport should have support for the concept of a source (src) and a output (target, build) directory.


    Consider this project structure (follows the maven2 directory conventions):





    Now it compiles the jrxml to a jasper file in the same directory, which is wrong, instead it should compile to:





    Notice that a and b are in a different directory. So it's not possible to fix the output compile directory in ireports, because it differs from report to report.

    We 'll have to many report files to put them all in the same directory.


    Instead ireports should be able to configure a source and output directory:

    source: ~/myproject/src/main/jasperreports

    output: ~/myproject/target/classes


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    If a1.jrxml uses b1.jrxml as a subreort, it\'s not possible to design both in ireport without having to constantly change the compile dir in the general ireport settings.
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