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  • Several Suggestions for Improvements

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    [ 1158710 ] Several Suggestions for Improvements


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    Several Suggestions for Improvements



    iReport rocks! I have a few suggestions worked out while creating my reports:


    A) Shortcuts for actions available thru menus


    B) When selecting a text-field or static text component, the toolbar above to reflect the attribs of the selected component (font size/name, bold/italic, alllignment etc). Just like it's done in most word processing editors.


    C) Extend the templates/wizard to create also column subtotals for all groups, esp. in tabular style.


    D) When the mouse pointer is over a textfield, show a tip with the textfield's expression.


    E) Some kind of help with creating column totals. For example: user selects a textfield ABC and selects a group. Then, iReport creates the variable that

    summarizes field ABC for this group and places a new textfield showing this variable below the textfield ABC.


    F) Sorting by the header for the variables list. The list gets easily very long. And right now, the order is not alphabetical by the name.


    Thanks for iReport. I purchased your manual. Very good!


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