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  • Error finding footer position ends in endless loop

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    If i print a PDF with lot of text at the beginning ( first page ) and that text includes

    li tags the print ends in an endless loop and the whole application is blocked.


    Attached you can find the XML files, the Report files and an error log


    Thanks for a fast help!

    Attachments: attachments.zip

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    Hi,Many elements in your large group header have isPrintWhenDetailOverflows="true", including the large one displaying formatted HTML markup at the bottom of the band.Are you sure this large text needs to restart again on a new page, in case the group header did not render fully?I suspect the group header overflows because of the white space reserved under the HTML text. The large text element itself renders fully on the first page, but because it has to repeat again on the second, it runs again till the bottom of the page where the little white space under can't fit. And this then repeats forever.It is why what we call "overflow with white space". Can you try put the isPrintWhenDetailOverflows flag to false for the large HTML text element?Thanks,Teodor
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