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  • "Query language: plsql" is not processing plsql statements

    Assigned User Giulio Toffoli
    CategoryBug report

    We are currently assessing 'iReport' for use in a project.


    On the 'Report query' screen, I select 'plsql' so that I can process plsql statements. However, when I enter a simple plsql statement ending with a ';', it gives and error of:

    "Error:SQL problems:ORA-00911:invalid character"


    When I remove the semicolon, the statement executes correctly as a sql statement, not a plsql statement.

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    In Options, it shows:


    Language: PLSQL

    Factory Class: com.jaspersoft.jrx.query.PlSqlQueryExecuterFactory

    Field Provider Class: com.jaspersoft.ireport.designer.data.fieldsproviders.SQLFieldsProvider


    Is the field provider class correct? If not, would you be able to point me to where I can obtain the correct plugin for plsql?

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