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  • com-jaspersoft-ireport.jar missing JRXmlWriter classes

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    com-jaspersoft-ireport.jar is missing JRXmlWriter_n_n_n.class classes, where "n_n_n" is earlier that "3_5_0".


    In my case, I need to be able to save to 2_0_5 and 3_0_0, due to constraints of installed purchased software.


    Options/iReport/General/Compatibility has a drop down box which lists versions of iReport all the way back to JasperReports 2.0.2.


    I called the severity "minor" only because I have the option of installing and using iReport versions 2.0.5 (to which version I must compile subreports) and 3.0 (which works with our purchased software for uncompiled primary report JRXMLs).


    I have a newly installed installation of iReport 4.5.0.

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    These old versions are no longer supported. The internals of JR have been changed too much to be able to support them. We decided to write custom writers for a few versions back, but it does not make sense in newer versions to support stuff in an uncertain way (I say uncertain because, since the class attribute has been removed from classes, it would work only by modifying an old report, but save to old versions may produce errors with newly created reports).

    The problem is simple: the expression class is no longer a required information in the model (it is not used at all by JasperReports anymore), so in old formats classes not defined become all java.lang.String, which may cause report errors.





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